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Official HD music video for ”Chop Suey!” by System of a Down
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I don't think you trust
In my self-righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die



  1. Joki Timba

    Joki TimbaHace 6 minutos

    Must be nice being a musicians in USA the only country that reward million of dollars to entertainer.

  2. O'Neill

    O'NeillHace 11 minutos

    The drummer is the most drummer looking drummer I've ever seen.

  3. Gino Anchante

    Gino AnchanteHace 23 minutos


  4. Das Antwortviech

    Das AntwortviechHace 25 minutos

    1:00 guys, I think their hitboxes are a bit messed up

  5. mr.hackintosh

    mr.hackintoshHace un hora


  6. Biery Jumbo.

    Biery Jumbo.Hace 2 horas

    Yuwuachu 😈🥵


    IRON SNAKE HEADHace 2 horas

    I don’t you trust in my self rigorous suicide

  8. Steve McNabb

    Steve McNabbHace 3 horas

    Never ever, in the ever never section of ever never, did I know this would be the never ever of never having never evers, so you don't have more never evers, than evers. To piggyback, never "forget" to get out on time.

  9. dollaz

    dollazHace 3 horas

    Can't believe my black hood dad used to play this in car when I was younger now im into everything rock and dark shoutout kroq 2000-2010

  10. Ebe Ebenezer

    Ebe EbenezerHace 3 horas

    Oct 2021 ??

  11. Aditya Colaco

    Aditya ColacoHace un hora

    Yes don't worry , I come back everyday ;)

  12. Nobody's Business

    Nobody's BusinessHace 3 horas

    The bassist is nasty

  13. Crim

    CrimHace 5 horas


  14. Boe Boe

    Boe BoeHace 5 horas

    They change the thumbnail

  15. Crim

    CrimHace 3 horas

    @Combate Rts because theymade it hd

  16. Combate Rts

    Combate RtsHace 3 horas


  17. Crim

    CrimHace 5 horas


  18. BruhShorts

    BruhShortsHace 5 horas

    0:44 hits different

  19. Combate Rts

    Combate RtsHace 3 horas


  20. random words that nobody knows

    random words that nobody knowsHace 6 horas


  21. Reformed Soteriology

    Reformed SoteriologyHace 6 horas

    a song so focused on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross... I often try to interpret the meaning behind it but find myself at a loss.

  22. teguh haryan

    teguh haryanHace 6 horas


  23. Mr Tofuu

    Mr TofuuHace 7 horas

    Cara que som foda ❤️🇧🇷

  24. Zorro Mortal

    Zorro MortalHace 8 horas

    Amo esta cancion

  25. Sabrina

    SabrinaHace 9 horas


  26. Cat Demon

    Cat DemonHace 9 horas

    Like father like son 🤝

  27. Cheese Chihuahua

    Cheese ChihuahuaHace 9 horas

    Me when I try to wake up my mom:

  28. YupThat Olivia

    YupThat OliviaHace 10 horas

    Hear me out…

  29. L

    LHace 10 horas

    Eyyy greetings to my old self I'm still listening to this after five years and I'm also doing better now

  30. Mohamed Reda

    Mohamed RedaHace 11 horas

    Awesome song loool since 2011 was listing .so cool

  31. blAckspot

    blAckspotHace 11 horas


  32. toco35

    toco35Hace 12 horas

    I grew up on this

  33. zoonpolitik

    zoonpolitikHace 13 horas

    I never get tired of this.

  34. Mista J

    Mista JHace 13 horas


  35. Mista J

    Mista JHace 14 horas

    1.1B 🔥

  36. Tony Snow

    Tony SnowHace 14 horas

    Aaaaaa Yeah

  37. El Axxel

    El AxxelHace 15 horas

    ¿Cómo que éste es el vídeo oficial? Siempre creí que era el vídeo del Chavo del 8.

  38. Sarp DEMİRTAŞ

    Sarp DEMİRTAŞHace 15 horas

    Updated to 4K!

  39. Thanos'sChild

    Thanos'sChildHace 15 horas


  40. Samir Lwd

    Samir LwdHace 16 horas

    Affajajacasc u wanted too Afahhgqjaj u wanted too

  41. Ariel Vásquez

    Ariel VásquezHace 16 horas

    uma paquena joia de mùsica¡¡

  42. Linda Johnson

    Linda JohnsonHace 16 horas

    wow i can hear a lot of rina sawayama influence here

  43. Dark 1

    Dark 1Hace 16 horas

    Song is funny and awesome!! 😈

  44. Hawk

    HawkHace 17 horas

    Neo-Nec Summer 2006

  45. Rockstar Blanco

    Rockstar BlancoHace 17 horas

    Search parokya ni edgar ordertaker it has the same tone

  46. Macaco Art

    Macaco ArtHace 17 horas


  47. humid gardens

    humid gardensHace 18 horas

    awesome music love it but why does the drummer look like ps2 graphics

  48. Michelle B

    Michelle BHace 18 horas

    Still a bop in 2021

  49. the deathly hall0ws

    the deathly hall0wsHace 20 horas

    okay yall ive been listening to this song for the longest of time and let me tell you, it never gets old.

  50. Skaza l

    Skaza lHace 20 horas

    Oh the drummer totally get the shorter end of the stick here

  51. tahrah11

    tahrah11Hace 22 horas

    Andy Biershack - Me

  52. tahrah11

    tahrah11Hace 22 horas

    I wanna meet him.

  53. usman man

    usman manHace un día

    we love it this song

  54. Poncho23_ 5-

    Poncho23_ 5-Hace un día

    Tongo es tan popular que los de System of a Dawn le hicieron un cover🐀💎

  55. Javier Alejandro Zuna Carcamo

    Javier Alejandro Zuna CarcamoHace un día

    Ya la había escuchado pero ahora ya me se el name xdd

  56. Sabbir Hasan

    Sabbir HasanHace un día

    💝💝💝 2030 a beche thakle sunbo

  57. Tiago CJ

    Tiago CJHace un día

    Em HD 😍

  58. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel LopezHace un día


  59. Luca Garcia

    Luca GarciaHace un día


  60. Luca Garcia

    Luca GarciaHace un día

    @Daniel Lopez xd

  61. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel LopezHace un día

    Vine a comentar lo mismo JAJA

  62. Marco Ortega

    Marco OrtegaHace un día

    Quien viene por el chavo del 8 jeje

  63. Gael Dueñas Silva 1E No.5

    Gael Dueñas Silva 1E No.5Hace un día

    Cambiaron la miniatura T_T

  64. Joe Vergnetti

    Joe VergnettiHace un día

    If they released this today it would STILL be a hit! ps, I used to have this set as my alarm - WAKE UP!

  65. David Felipe

    David FelipeHace un día


  66. Ariel Vásquez

    Ariel VásquezHace un día

    a little gem of a song¡¡¡

  67. ORZICH E

    ORZICH EHace un día

    Чоккай ырыа!;)

  68. Khalil Das

    Khalil DasHace un día

    How can anyone listen to this?

  69. …hjj

    …hjjHace 16 horas

    Using our ears.

  70. Ashley McDonald

    Ashley McDonaldHace un día

    congratulations on 1 billion folks

  71. Pretinhos Pretos

    Pretinhos PretosHace un día


  72. Ryuk

    RyukHace un día


  73. Matthew Salas

    Matthew SalasHace un día


  74. vero roussey

    vero rousseyHace un día


  75. Darksorcerer 91

    Darksorcerer 91Hace un día

    The drummer looks fake.

  76. Danijel Golob

    Danijel GolobHace un día

    ah, HD version finally. Thanks!

  77. Francesco Navarro Palacios

    Francesco Navarro PalaciosHace un día


  78. Francesco Navarro Palacios

    Francesco Navarro PalaciosHace un día


  79. Francesco Navarro Palacios

    Francesco Navarro PalaciosHace un día


  80. Big Bear

    Big BearHace un día

    3:07 Me when I thought this stage dive was a good idea at first, but someone started to aggressively grab my ass

  81. 火

    Hace un día

    I like the "lyrics" in the description.

  82. Santiago salvador Gutiérrez Ávila

    Santiago salvador Gutiérrez ÁvilaHace un día

    Que temazo 1000000/1000🤙💯💯

  83. hiop μjjctliuvy

    hiop μjjctliuvyHace un día

    Did they change the thumbnails or have I gone insane?

  84. hiop μjjctliuvy

    hiop μjjctliuvyHace un hora

    @Mint Leaf I didn't even know you could that on youtube, luckily I haven't gotten insane yet

  85. Mint Leaf

    Mint LeafHace 12 horas

    They always change it

  86. The Bass Kid

    The Bass KidHace un día

    I like how this song is pretty much just called chop suey because they're eating Chinese food in the video

  87. GMDelsXT9 - Music

    GMDelsXT9 - MusicHace un día

    Couldn't believe I was living under a rock when this song existed. Now I'm hearing it, and I'm already addicted. Good God I'm such a boomer and I'm already in my early 20s. FUCK!

  88. B M72

    B M72Hace un día

    Classic toon!

  89. Sergio Carrillo

    Sergio CarrilloHace un día

    Banger what a amazing song

  90. diylan064

    diylan064Hace un día

    A f*cking masterpiece!!!

  91. Miso Miso

    Miso MisoHace un día

    que ganas de montarme una partuza con los 4 😭

  92. Avas1wingedangel

    Avas1wingedangelHace un día

    spongebob led me here

  93. Neloy Kawsar

    Neloy KawsarHace un día

    I love YOU Boss

  94. Mark Mellon

    Mark MellonHace un día

    POG moment

  95. The Doomslayer

    The DoomslayerHace un día

    holy shit 1 billion views thats fucking insane

  96. Kristina Mck

    Kristina MckHace un día

    I miss rock concerts with my friends! Feels like yesterday

  97. Gerald Hohl

    Gerald HohlHace un día


  98. Amanda G

    Amanda GHace un día

    I can’t believe I never realized that this song mocks Jesus. Calling his death a “self righteous suicide” and mocking him calling out to God on the cross by literally quoting the Bible. Be careful what you sing along to guys. The devil is real and controls most of the music industry.

  99. Amanda G

    Amanda GHace un día

    @Panos K101 I responded to you once but EShaves deleted it I guess because I put links to videos that exposed this stuff... basically, these people mock us by showing us in our faces and we are still too blind to see it. Just look at a dollar bill (if you’re from US). Ever translated what it said or questioned the one eye or pyramid symbolism? What does that have to do with US history? Things are not as random as they seem. In fact they’ve been carefully orchestrated by these fallen angels (whom the lyrics of this song seem to be very pissed about God casting those demons into hell) since they began influencing humans at the beginning of our time.

  100. Panos K101

    Panos K101Hace un día

    Bro it's just music chill the fuck out

  101. Cesar Antonio Tilleria Araya

    Cesar Antonio Tilleria ArayaHace un día

    11 years, 1,111m views is the goal

  102. Lord Quas

    Lord QuasHace un día

    1 billion views and people still cant wake up

  103. This no Pasteur

    This no PasteurHace un día

    Respect the drummer!



    I am back again

  105. vr4runner

    vr4runnerHace un día

    Saw these guys a couple times back in the day, dam they were so good live and the crowds were epic back then. You could literally feel the energy in the air

  106. BaBiSoL

    BaBiSoLHace 2 días


  107. Olivia Lemaire

    Olivia LemaireHace 2 días

    I've never seen a video for one of their songs before and my first thought when they appeared on stage was that they look exactly like the kind of people I would expect to make this sort of music

  108. Dylan Searcy

    Dylan SearcyHace 2 días

    I cry when elves deserve to die

  109. Victor capote

    Victor capoteHace 2 días

    Wake up (Wake up) Grab a brush and put a little make-up Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up (Hide the scars to fade away the...) Why'd you leave the keys upon the table? Here you go create another fable You wanted to Grab a brush and put a little makeup You wanted to Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up You wanted to Why'd you leave the keys upon the table? You wanted to I don't think you trust In... My... Self-righteous suicide I... Cry... When angels deserve to die Wake up (Wake up) Grab a brush and put a little make-up Hide the scars to fade away the (Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up) Why'd you leave the keys upon the table? Here you go create another fable You wanted to Grab a brush and put a little make-up You wanted to Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up You wanted to Why'd you leave the keys upon the table? You wanted to I don't think you trust In... My... Self-righteous suicide I... Cry... When angels deserve to die In, my, Self-righteous suicide I, cry, when angels deserve to die Father (father) Father (father) Father (father) Father (father) Father, into your hands I commend my spirit Father, into your hands Why have you forsaken me? In your eyes forsaken me In your thoughts forsaken me In your heart forsaken me, oh Trust in my self-righteous suicide I cry when angels deserve to die In my self-righteous suicide I cry when angels deserve to

  110. ser cartoon

    ser cartoonHace 2 días

    y wachu!

  111. Master Riffs

    Master RiffsHace 2 días

    1 bill veiws truly insane boys

  112. Sham-oon

    Sham-oonHace 2 días


  113. Spifet Sneekwout

    Spifet SneekwoutHace 2 días

    Hd looking good