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A new short film from the creators of "The Gift"


  1. emanon

    emanonHace 10 días

    I watched this video when I was a Junior in college, I even send it out to a friend because I know she'll like it. I graduated and somehow I remember this video and searched for "red box" and I'm glad I found this again. It made me cry yet again, but more filled of emotions this time because now I realize my dream, to become a writer. And now I noticed how the universe gave me hints of what is the path for me, I watched bunch of videos, movies, manga and manhwa wherein the character is a writer or dreams to become one. Thank you for being one of those signs :)

  2. emanon

    emanonHace 11 horas

    @Burned Pizza Crust full volume tho it’s yaoi 👉🏻👈🏻

  3. Burned Pizza Crust

    Burned Pizza CrustHace 11 horas

    Which manhwa where the character is a writer?

  4. Captain

    CaptainHace 2 días

    good luck man

  5. Tina Moni Deka

    Tina Moni DekaHace 3 días

    Can you please explain the massage of this video

  6. Motivation

    MotivationHace 4 días


  7. Kai Onearth

    Kai OnearthHace un minuto



    D KURNIAWATIHace 31 un minuto

    Isn't it wonderful when "all the -dots connects"

  9. Mochi Mochi

    Mochi MochiHace un hora

    Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and you lose yourself. And I'm in that crisis. And the timing of seeing your short film is very inspiring. To the makers of The gift, thank you. I will carry on 🙂

  10. The Gift

    The GiftHace 58 minutos


  11. Zoe Zee

    Zoe ZeeHace un hora


  12. The Gift

    The GiftHace 56 minutos



    ROHIT KUMARHace 2 horas

    Change is constant.

  14. The Gift

    The GiftHace 54 minutos


  15. Ekene Amanze

    Ekene AmanzeHace 3 horas

    Amazing. She grounded him. Inspiration could meet him in safe grounds.

  16. girlinthegalaxy

    girlinthegalaxyHace 5 horas

    EShaves must know exactly what i am going through

  17. Miss Rusalka

    Miss RusalkaHace 6 horas

    She said '' you have to help the luck''. She was the one who sent the box to his address to see him. I liked the idea that even if you are creative and talented still you have to work towards your goals. You cannot sit and wait for luck or someone else to help you.

  18. The Gift

    The GiftHace 53 minutos


  19. Humming Cow

    Humming CowHace 6 horas

    I swear if this was a Vsauce video I would have gone outside and touch grass after just looking at the title.

  20. Glec Zee

    Glec ZeeHace 7 horas

    "Being famous is a reverse of oblivion."


    TECHNOSOFTHace 8 horas

    Very soon the Owner of this channel will reply to me with a GIF ;)

  22. The Gift

    The GiftHace un hora


  23. Sun Flower_20

    Sun Flower_20Hace 19 horas

    “Who are you?” “I’m you, but inspired.”

  24. maicah yamashita

    maicah yamashitaHace 20 horas

    I think the story is about who yourself are..don't be sad because u achieve something like anyones dream yet .. Never stop learning . And inspire

  25. The Gift

    The GiftHace 50 minutos


  26. Amal Jemmal

    Amal JemmalHace 20 horas

    Its me

  27. Eight Tarot

    Eight TarotHace 20 horas

    I am at loss with my life.. what should i do…

  28. The Gift

    The GiftHace 49 minutos

    Just wait... and enjoying the waiting 😉❤️

  29. Myriem Lougteb

    Myriem LougtebHace 23 horas

    Hey THE GIFT I’m obsessed by your ideas in your videos and also the montage if u didn t have a problem I need to know how you made them (logiciel , program …) thank you ❤️

  30. The Gift

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  31. The Gift

    The GiftHace 49 minutos


  32. Ladybug Kam

    Ladybug KamHace un día

    The claps that were literally clapping is hilarious 😂😂

  33. The Gift

    The GiftHace 48 minutos


  34. Jan B.

    Jan B.Hace un día

    And who am I? That's my secret that I never tell.

  35. The Gift

    The GiftHace 48 minutos


  36. Vlada Racovița

    Vlada RacovițaHace un día

    i watched this so many times in the past months, i still have no idea who am i

  37. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  38. Pablo Suazo

    Pablo SuazoHace un día

    SI es Chileno es weno

  39. Top 10 Recommendations

    Top 10 RecommendationsHace un día


  40. Mostafa khater

    Mostafa khaterHace un día

    Simple and beautiful Thanks

  41. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  42. Ogles Alves

    Ogles AlvesHace un día

    The clear carol supply report because database bioinformatically talk aside a understood chess. simple, painful hourglass

  43. fairuz zoha

    fairuz zohaHace un día


  44. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  45. Tasmiah Safia

    Tasmiah SafiaHace un día

    It was sooo good!😭ah my heart💜

  46. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  47. rainy day

    rainy dayHace un día

    I'm nobody, are you nobody too? Emily Dickenson

  48. benja

    benjaHace un día

    Por qué esto es Chileno y todo está en inglés!??!


    THANUJAN T.Hace un día

    Thank you for this gift, Gift. It's really inspiring me some how! ;)

  50. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  51. Anna Russo

    Anna RussoHace un día

    Great video and I love the animation. I think you have perfectly described the message you wanted to send :)

  52. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  53. Нариман Абылайулы

    Нариман АбылайулыHace un día

    любовь в коробке

  54. The Gift

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  55. md. nasim

    md. nasimHace 2 días


  56. sangpelarian

    sangpelarianHace 2 días

    oh my god, how 🤍

  57. Quỳnh Phạm Thị Như

    Quỳnh Phạm Thị NhưHace 2 días

    How tough I've got to find myself.... But with me it's never enough!!! Don't stop running to your heart

  58. billy ballo

    billy balloHace 2 días

    i love when the dog die

  59. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día

    Just in case ☝️13:07

  60. Gary Cheung

    Gary CheungHace 2 días

    I don't like it.

  61. Shivam Sharma

    Shivam SharmaHace 2 días

    i am fine

  62. Matt Jack Mcgregor

    Matt Jack McgregorHace 2 días

    im too dumb i didnt get it

  63. Natalya Chernykh

    Natalya ChernykhHace 2 días

    I didn't understand it.

  64. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día

    me neither 😔

  65. Babi Bueno

    Babi BuenoHace 2 días

    Omg ...It's so cute !! 😍😍❤

  66. The Gift

    The GiftHace un día


  67. Daniela Rodaro

    Daniela RodaroHace 2 días

    You know why? If not you kill wrong people. And that its not my fault

  68. عُ

    عُHace 2 días

    I loved how the video has translations from so many languages

  69. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  70. Broken Star

    Broken StarHace 2 días

    A beautiful Star that is broken

  71. Miles Kun

    Miles KunHace 3 días

    There's hope after all even if we find it in a red box😀

  72. GM SurenDhar Official

    GM SurenDhar OfficialHace 3 días

    How to you create ???

  73. Zaida Matos

    Zaida MatosHace 3 días

    Love how the use of red is used. I wonder what it symbolizes for both characters, was it just for aesthetic or does it highlight things that reflect the characters during different stages of their lives. Maybe I'm reading way into it but this is a very good short film

  74. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  75. Nataphol Tanabe

    Nataphol TanabeHace 3 días

    Happiness is what you accepted.

  76. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  77. Elvis Cocho

    Elvis CochoHace 3 días

    Who who, who who?

  78. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  79. Neura HP

    Neura HPHace 3 días

    Thank you for this inspiration. I followed my passion of collecting spiritual energy and turn them into paintings. They're on my videos if you're interested. ☺

  80. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    subscribed! 🖌

  81. Bhavesh Sharma

    Bhavesh SharmaHace 3 días

    This should be an award winning short film..... Loved it

  82. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  83. Chee Kah Hay

    Chee Kah HayHace 3 días

    Thank you for relieving me when I got burn out. This masterpiece inspires & heal me for real.

  84. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  85. Muhamad Ridwan

    Muhamad RidwanHace 3 días

    I remain confused for the second sight, maybe i need your explanation and what is inside the box? Pls everyone:(

  86. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  87. Tharmapalan Thanujan

    Tharmapalan ThanujanHace 3 días

    A box full of inspiration for 5 incorrect minutes enough to go for a long journey. I love this video♥️

  88. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  89. Learning point

    Learning pointHace 3 días

    Unbelievable Interesting Joyful

  90. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  91. lola lol

    lola lolHace 3 días

    In 2 months im starting university and hell i do not know what i want to do. For 1 months now ive been thinking abt it. I chose mathematics. That was in my exams period and all i wanted was to do something that would not stress me out in the next 3 yrs. I would become a teacher or find a job in insurance or something. But deep down i know its not my path. Damn it why would i keep thinking aby my decision if it was a gud one right??? Theres nothing wrong with those job but personally i dont see myself doing them. As a teacher my i would have to go to the same school for years and insuramce i would have to sit at a desk and work for hours. BORING AMD DULL even if behind im guaranteed a gud payment and job security. Now im really starting to think abt it. What would make my happy in life. I ACTUALLY went through the courses this time😂. That i didnt do the first time cuz maths was my easy way out. Theres this course tourism hospitality and event management. Interesting. THIS is something that i would love to do. event management will allow me to work on different stuff and i wont be stuck in an office. But now with covid and the tourism industry going down. Would i get a job??? Writing this i feel stupid. My degree will end in 3.5yrs this will give time for the industry to come alive again right???...this will be a new path for me if i ever chose it. But if i dnt what im i gonna do mathematics or accountant. These jobs really stress me out. These are like my easy way out. But u should be risk taker in life to get what u want right. Now i wrote tbis because i feel like it is a gud place to write about my worries. It is long ass long i know. But could u please help me...more like advice me.

  92. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    Thanks for sharing! ❤️ from my point of view, you're doing great. Mi favorite saying for you : "You have to get lost... to find your way"

  93. Jasmijn ariel

    Jasmijn arielHace 3 días

    37y old...i tought i knew who i was... but then something breaks my soul again, and i am at zero again

  94. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    no one ever goes back to zero ... you always add 😉

  95. Natasha Dantas

    Natasha DantasHace 3 días

    I am going to cry 🥲

  96. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  97. samir five

    samir fiveHace 3 días

    Marvelous 😍

  98. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  99. Kase

    KaseHace 3 días

    At 4am, this video inspired me. This is what I needed to hear. 1 year from now I will go back to this video, hopefully with my box filled. Thank you 🙏🏻 for this Video. Bless you ♥️.

  100. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    See you in a year!

  101. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  102. Amir Hossein

    Amir HosseinHace 3 días

    Excuse me, with what programme did you make this video?

  103. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  104. لؤلؤة المحيط لورنسو

    لؤلؤة المحيط لورنسوHace 3 días

    تؤيد الحظ شوية

  105. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  106. Aurora

    AuroraHace 3 días

    Glad to see the dog didnt die

  107. The Gift

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  108. Carolina

    CarolinaHace 3 días


  109. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  110. 暁P̶A̶I̶N̶

    暁P̶A̶I̶N̶Hace 3 días

    This video proved that i'm not good at anything, I didn't even know what is the meaning of the film.

  111. Poy.

    Poy.Hace 4 días

    Until now, I don’t know who am I

  112. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    me neither...

  113. Dare to live. Simply

    Dare to live. SimplyHace 4 días

    Love is the only solution always...

  114. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  115. Fatma Walid

    Fatma WalidHace 4 días

    Who am i ??!

  116. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  117. sadafkazm

    sadafkazmHace 4 días

    I am glad that I see this clip. It motivates me. Now I am going to share this clip with whom, who really need this

  118. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  119. Alaa' shammaa

    Alaa' shammaaHace 4 días

    This short movie helped me to cry to divert my persisting anxious and depressing thoughts. Thank you while I'm in good tears.

  120. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  121. STRINGG

    STRINGGHace 4 días

    Trash this doesn't makes any sense

  122. five lol

    five lolHace 4 días

    명작이네요 감사합니다!!

  123. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  124. zineb soufiani

    zineb soufianiHace 4 días

    hopefully one day when i make everything i dreamed of true i will rewatch this video ❤

  125. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    We will be waiting 😌

  126. Thanos Xypolytos

    Thanos XypolytosHace 4 días

    Screaming in my Brad Pitt voice what's in the fucking box?

  127. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  128. moonclay

    moonclayHace 4 días

    which program do you use to make it like this animations? so good

  129. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  130. 米布丁

    米布丁Hace 5 días



    CHANEL MOMMYHace 5 días

    I love how the owner is still replying to the comments (sorry for my really Bad englisch ) love u all have a Good day

  132. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  133. Yogen Draa

    Yogen DraaHace 5 días

    Thanks milson, you recommend me this. When I confessed that I was facing a writer's block.

  134. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    Keep strong 💪

  135. Vihari the army

    Vihari the armyHace 5 días

    The first guy is so irritating i don't like him.

  136. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  137. Doll Dresses & More

    Doll Dresses & MoreHace 5 días

    Who am i ? Ans: I'm a Muslim

  138. Rajib lochan Dash

    Rajib lochan DashHace 5 días

    I couldn't still understand what is it's irony of this short movie can anyone make me understand I will sure I understand it

  139. Wife Jasmin

    Wife JasminHace 5 días

    I don’t understand 😥

  140. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    me neither ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  141. الكاتبة تارا ضياء

    الكاتبة تارا ضياءHace 5 días

    The dog 😂😂😂

  142. Damien Andreou

    Damien AndreouHace 5 días

    Me on my darkest hours watching this at 3 at night. This made me want to wake up. To find a purpose. Thank you the gift. I will be in college soon but i hadn't any motivation but now i have. I will update this soon when things will start going well

  143. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    we will wait for that update 😌

  144. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días


  145. Karar Osman

    Karar OsmanHace 5 días

    Am no one living a miserable life

  146. explora

    exploraHace 5 días

    trust the process

  147. Samayra Khan

    Samayra KhanHace 5 días


  148. The Gift

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  149. Shivangini아미⟭⟬

    Shivangini아미⟭⟬Hace 6 días

    I went on this channel to see for more videos but it was only - Who are you Who are you Who are you Who are you Who are you Me : a Clown

  150. Shivangini아미⟭⟬

    Shivangini아미⟭⟬Hace 6 días

    Why only red btw🙂

  151. The Gift

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  152. casie black

    casie blackHace 6 días

    Loved it. ♥️♥️

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  154. Sevinc Surxayeva

    Sevinc SurxayevaHace 6 días


  155. The Gift

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  156. kross Lalsuongum Hmar

    kross Lalsuongum HmarHace 6 días

    Nothing will really matter to you when your something triggered your temper. So, don't pretend to be absolute soft heart. Remember situation permit you to play soft.

  157. Dobrawa ciekawostki dla ciekawych

    Dobrawa ciekawostki dla ciekawychHace 6 días

    Here Poland.

  158. The Gift

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    SOPHIA TEALDOHace 6 días

    All that is - having a temporary human experience just passing by - enjoying the present moment - Blessed It Be.

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  161. Wojtekk XD

    Wojtekk XDHace 6 días


  162. Triana Immaculata

    Triana ImmaculataHace 6 días

    My name is Triana

  163. The Gift

    The GiftHace 2 días

    Hi Triana

  164. Nia Ain

    Nia AinHace 6 días

    It was weird how specific you were about "the greedy Mr.Yussuf"..I thought it's an Inspirational film not racist one...

  165. Eric Raphael Mizrahi

    Eric Raphael MizrahiHace 6 días

    Thank you so much such a touching film❤️

  166. The Gift

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  167. Solemnly

    SolemnlyHace 6 días

    I don't get it