FnF Angry Tord VS Mag Agent Torture | FNF ANIMATION

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FnF Angry Tord VS Mag Agent = Anger Fight?

Mod Link:
Friday Night Funkin' Torture Demo: gamebanana.com/mods/301100

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  1. Ee Weีปสกอำ

    Ee WeีปสกอำHace 4 días


  2. Nhi Ngoc

    Nhi NgocHace 15 días


  3. Dem1410

    Dem1410Hace 17 días

    -_- bruh

  4. tiky

    tikyHace 19 días

    You noob mag agent torture is so strong cookie

  5. Anibal Zuluaga

    Anibal ZuluagaHace 24 días

    Wait what why tord is the winner

  6. Bruno Buciaratti from the deep web

    Bruno Buciaratti from the deep webHace 25 días

    Let's be real, Tord would die instantly

  7. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 9 días


  8. JUANDEAGz_Roblox

    JUANDEAGz_RobloxHace 26 días

    I can tell this person has never heard of madness combat

  9. Soyolmaa Batzev

    Soyolmaa BatzevHace un mes

    Torture is soooooooo power full

  10. Gameboy

    GameboyHace un mes

    who would win an angry teenager a gigantic agent with a huge shotgun

  11. abobus_green777

    abobus_green777Hace un mes

    w*f bro ?..

  12. มังกร321

    มังกร321Hace un mes

    0:30 bruh

  13. Master Wizard

    Master WizardHace un mes

    Now that is some low-quality shitpost

  14. StormX Gaming

    StormX GamingHace un mes

    Torture went through Torture to test his survivability to fight Hank. Tord's giant robot died by a harpoon.

  15. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 9 días

    @trickyenjoyer Really? Because mag agent literally faced 2 large pins which felt like harpoons.

  16. trickyenjoyer

    trickyenjoyerHace un mes

    *clearly tord will win*

  17. sgtp

    sgtpHace un mes


  18. Victor

    VictorHace un mes

    I hate guys tht dont know madness combat

  19. boyeam

    boyeamHace un mes

    You have no rights in Madness Combat.

  20. ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠHace un mes

    When the creator is dumb and hasn’t watched madness combat

  21. Annica Schou

    Annica SchouHace un mes

    What is that Tord sound its sound soo good

  22. Massimo Cattelan

    Massimo CattelanHace un mes

    death animation of mag agent its fake

  23. Rebel Soldier

    Rebel SoldierHace un mes

    when you havent studied games:

  24. zharina catiben

    zharina catibenHace un mes

    Mag agents has a ton of weapons but mostly picks the shot gun a high damage or insta kill weapon

  25. Debbie Ben

    Debbie BenHace un mes

    I know who won it was Bruh

  26. aunieqiaseef

    aunieqiaseefHace un mes

    Size does not matter

  27. stickmatter

    stickmatterHace 2 meses


  28. Jeanie Roblox

    Jeanie RobloxHace 2 meses

    If we take this seriously mag agent would just grab him and pinch his head off

  29. Connor Crawford

    Connor CrawfordHace 2 meses

    Ok seriously, MAG agent with other soldats (soldiers of AAHW) should just terminate tord 2 seconds before he does anger music.

  30. got any blue toilet water

    got any blue toilet waterHace 2 meses

    Oh he's strong 0:27

  31. courtnee gaming

    courtnee gamingHace 2 meses

    Tords music is good

  32. Angele Drigotiene

    Angele DrigotieneHace 2 meses

    Tord: i am going to blue ball you mag: pfft how mag: blue balled mag:beuh

  33. Hace 2 meses

    who would win: a highly trained gigantic humanoid agent from the icon of sin, or a norwegian giant robot operator

  34. Bob

    BobHace un mes

    @BossieClover well first of all he has a shotgun with 20kg slugs shoot the missles maybe or just blast away the head Like its not that hard if you have a shotgun that can do massive damage and if a harpoon can penetrate the metal so can the shotgun

  35. Hace un mes

    @BossieClover, well, guess what, those stuff were meant to be somewhere else, not in the UK or possibly the area. He’s probably sending it to Norway, or somewhere else.

  36. BossieClover

    BossieCloverHace un mes

    He is a high class engenieer, he is from Eddsworld AND HE LITTERALLY HAD LIKE BEST TANKS ACTUAL RADIOACTIVE BARREL HOW DEFENSE SYSTEM AND MORE TECHNOLOGICAL ITEMS, he also have a good aim. (Bonus: Hates Sunshine Lolipop song)

  37. AJ Animations

    AJ AnimationsHace un mes

    @trol aight your right sorry for arguing

  38. Hace un mes


  39. Levente Gal

    Levente GalHace 2 meses

    Wat :I

  40. Dismal

    DismalHace 2 meses

    . O /|\ /\ *

  41. Maha Meru

    Maha MeruHace 2 meses

    As madness combat fan my opinion is MAG will win cuz MAG is Powerfull

  42. 25 row

    25 rowHace 2 meses

    If i see one of these videos again this videos aren't even good there just the same over and over again i might lose my braincells

  43. Alexdoesthings

    AlexdoesthingsHace 2 meses

    Why did I insist on watching this

  44. Joel Martinez

    Joel MartinezHace 2 meses

    bullshit tord is not hank the mag agent can pick up a frickin 200pound truck and can punch somone to the stratestphere also stomp somone like an ant and tord is nothing without his tordbot well not completley but still!

  45. Moy the guy

    Moy the guyHace 2 meses

    a giant agent just died by one small human named tord

  46. energyslayr

    energyslayrHace 2 meses

    I hate this logic MAG agent is stronger than tord

  47. Joel Martinez

    Joel MartinezHace 2 meses

    THIS LOGIC IS RODONCULIS for real look at my commet

  48. Joel Martinez

    Joel MartinezHace 2 meses


  49. c side selever

    c side seleverHace 2 meses

    that charting on mag agent tho

  50. Tulio Santos

    Tulio SantosHace 2 meses

    Boss die lolXD

  51. AJ Animations

    AJ AnimationsHace 2 meses


  52. fardo muzakki syafiq

    fardo muzakki syafiqHace 2 meses

    Hold on at the end he say ha or bruh lol

  53. Void makes videos

    Void makes videosHace 2 meses

    0:17 In here you can see tord was about to be defeated if it didn't stop pushing he life bar down

  54. Raichuliam

    RaichuliamHace 2 meses


  55. Zeppeli

    ZeppeliHace 2 meses

    this is so scuffed wtf

  56. Jimena Martinez

    Jimena MartinezHace 2 meses

    Esta mal

  57. Green scout tower

    Green scout towerHace 2 meses

    When he dies there is the mic sound when he has a guy not a mic

  58. JoE'El Thomas

    JoE'El ThomasHace 2 meses

    This is actually dumb the characters you bring to fight tord could literally KILL him also hes using a dead person as a microphone.

  59. Piney 1623

    Piney 1623Hace 2 meses

    @JoE'El Thomas yes,he only can fight with his giant robot or with his gun things

  60. JoE'El Thomas

    JoE'El ThomasHace 2 meses

    No one thinks tord can beat this guy unless there a fangirl/fanboy tord can even pick up a body

  61. JoE'El Thomas

    JoE'El ThomasHace 2 meses

    Tord is WEAK

  62. ZeExistingPerson

    ZeExistingPersonHace 2 meses

    please tell me people don't think Tord can kill Torture

  63. Skittle

    SkittleHace 2 meses

    Tord is to powerful

  64. Franchesco

    FranchescoHace 2 meses


  65. Renata Wolszczak

    Renata WolszczakHace 2 meses

    Maga agent 20,98% power. Tord 19,09% power

  66. Stefan Teican

    Stefan TeicanHace 2 meses

    This man that made this animation is an idiot because torture would rip tord to pieces even WITH his robot

  67. homework

    homeworkHace 2 meses


  68. Farhana Hussain

    Farhana HussainHace 2 meses

    Not a not a mic

  69. Farhana Hussain

    Farhana HussainHace 2 meses

    Mag has a hank

  70. omid seyedi

    omid seyediHace 2 meses

    2 people leaked the song with voice lines and full song

  71. Don Tyrone Casayuran Don Tyrone Casayuran

    Don Tyrone Casayuran Don Tyrone CasayuranHace 2 meses


  72. Bob

    BobHace 2 meses

    Tricky could kill tord easily.

  73. The Anonymous

    The AnonymousHace 2 meses

    Tord bot cant win Mag Agent is a skilled murderous agent lol

  74. [REDACTED]

    [REDACTED]Hace 2 meses

    Ofc a MAG agent can win unless... GAINT ROBOT

  75. [REDACTED]

    [REDACTED]Hace 2 meses

    @Matt Demarco yes

  76. Cristina anduru

    Cristina anduruHace 2 meses

    his robot would get blown by his shotgun

  77. Matt Demarco

    Matt DemarcoHace 2 meses

    Bruh a mag agent can seperate a person in half- Could definitely with a robot!

  78. RIPgeorgi_radevi

    RIPgeorgi_radeviHace 2 meses

    Yoo bro what

  79. ⚛Green Star 64⚛

    ⚛Green Star 64⚛Hace 2 meses

    Never mess with a really mad guy

  80. Jewel Emmanuella

    Jewel EmmanuellaHace 2 meses

    Tord Will sure died in hell when the roblox hacker mod was off

  81. Error_boi

    Error_boiHace 2 meses

    Mc fan: omg u are cringe!! Mag agent should win im a mc fan but i understand its a joke

  82. Carla Fernandez

    Carla FernandezHace 2 meses

    Brother hub that giant can win he doesn’t lose

  83. ХХХ_Surge_ХХХ -Вольт

    ХХХ_Surge_ХХХ -ВольтHace 2 meses


  84. Mayra García

    Mayra GarcíaHace 2 meses


  85. T pose'in Ruv

    T pose'in RuvHace 2 meses

    I have seen the jebus mod

  86. d e l e t e d

    d e l e t e dHace 2 meses

    Wait mag agent have bone?? Aka mag agent torture

  87. Holy Roman

    Holy RomanHace 2 meses

    Pretty sure they do yeah. Madness Combat characters do actually have something resembling anatomy, including bones and organs. Pretty sure Krinkels did a drawing about Grunt anatomy once

  88. jerome gan

    jerome ganHace 2 meses

    *if tord has a uno card*

  89. Bendot is Bendot

    Bendot is BendotHace 2 meses

    BRUH if you want to make a Fight with a Madness combat character first read what it can do or just watch You think that Mag agent would just lose to Tord? Like Mag agent can just use his fist and tord will die bruh

  90. doghara

    dogharaHace 2 meses

    Tord win!

  91. 🌀sonic says your slow🌀

    🌀sonic says your slow🌀Hace 2 meses

    Hank: *bonks tord*

  92. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 2 meses

    *wheres my gun*

  93. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 2 meses

    here i am

  94. connor bialowas

    connor bialowasHace 2 meses

    I have no faith in humanity

  95. Maria Poljacekova

    Maria PoljacekovaHace 2 meses

    angry tord theme sound how dust sans

  96. Rodrigo Hernandez

    Rodrigo HernandezHace 2 meses


  97. Rodrigo Hernandez

    Rodrigo HernandezHace 2 meses


  98. Sonic EXE

    Sonic EXEHace 2 meses

    Idk how tord win

  99. MINH-SON DC2"🇻🇳

    MINH-SON DC2"🇻🇳Hace 2 meses

    Todbot :)

  100. deejay_ufobzone

    deejay_ufobzoneHace 2 meses

    0:30 bRUH

  101. brave_and more

    brave_and moreHace 2 meses

    power tord :1000000.20

  102. Exusiai

    ExusiaiHace 2 meses

    Bro there is the lyrics for that for that but ok

  103. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 2 meses

    Bruh mag agent would win cuz he has alot of violence skills

  104. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 11 días

    @ZeExistingPerson oh wait i found out the shotgun’s name is a mossberg 500

  105. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 11 días

    @Gunnar McQuaid compare MA (Mag Agent) Torture and MA v4

  106. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 11 días

    @Super SonicX6610 just watch mc 10, it proves my word is right

  107. Hank J wimbleton

    Hank J wimbletonHace 11 días

    @Super SonicX6610 HAHA THATS THE FUNNIEST JOKE He would explode of course.

  108. Gunnar McQuaid

    Gunnar McQuaidHace 25 días

    It’s Canon that mag agent torture has the strongest body in madness combat sooooooo he would beat tord

  109. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    #Sunday #vs #angry #tord #of #next #video #pls #opps 😁😁

  110. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  111. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  112. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  113. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  114. Elina Lundqvist

    Elina LundqvistHace 2 meses


  115. Hank .J Wimbleton

    Hank .J WimbletonHace 2 meses

    Tord be like on him: YOU ARE DEAD, NOT BIG SURPRISE

  116. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  117. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  118. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  119. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    #Join #my #discord #server!

  120. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  121. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    Join @EQ

  122. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    #Join my discord server

  123. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  124. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    Hey stupin Cherating

  125. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses


  126. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    When 8

  127. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses

    ~Huhu pandai pun oi jaga jarak hentak kan wabak covid-19~

  128. Ree Jung

    Ree JungHace 2 meses