Charlo vs Castano HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

WBA, WBC and IBF Super Middleweight World Champion Jermell Charlo and WBO Super Middleweight World Champion Brian Castano fought to a split decision draw in their dramatic all-action battle for undisputed status at 154-pounds on July 17, 2021, live on SHOWTIME from AT\u0026T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Fight Night Recap:

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  1. Wayan Sukaryasa

    Wayan SukaryasaHace 43 minutos

    Castano hrsnya mnang tipis

  2. Beans Graham

    Beans GrahamHace 45 minutos

    Constano was hurt visibly 6 times! That’s just grit.

  3. statikchelo

    statikcheloHace 45 minutos

    Charlo aint boxing shii he dipping to much waiting on them points to pile up and his shots ain’t hurting.

  4. rai adriano

    rai adrianoHace 48 minutos

    performance vs the fans

  5. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithHace 49 minutos

    I'm not a yank or an argie so I have no bias. anyone who thought charlo won that fight no's nothing about boxing.big money decisions made again blighting the sport .

  6. Martin Capriotti

    Martin CapriottiHace 49 minutos

    Charlo is over rated

  7. rai adriano

    rai adrianoHace 50 minutos

    wheres the draw there?

  8. Emerald

    EmeraldHace 51 un minuto

    One hell of a Fight. Sheeesh.

  9. Fernando Nunez

    Fernando NunezHace 56 minutos

    Canelo vs charlo easy knock out for canelo and im not even a canelo fan but castano won this fight 🤷‍♂️ idk where they got this score cards smh

  10. Sean Borgen

    Sean BorgenHace un hora

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    Sean BorgenHace un hora

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  12. Bocay505

    Bocay505Hace un hora

    Great fight

  13. Steve Owen

    Steve OwenHace un hora

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  14. Clark Kent

    Clark KentHace un hora

    Constano Gave Thst BUM The BIZNESSSS😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Fortune Ssengabi

    Fortune SsengabiHace un hora

    This was so cool of a fight. We need immediate rematch. Yes it was a draw but I enjoyed the game. If u believe it give me thumbs up

  16. Zain kahn

    Zain kahnHace un hora

    Who ever gave 117 to 111 to Charlo, should be humiliated, beat (live tv) and banned from boxing. Hell, he/she should be banned entering an arena.

  17. Invokersm

    InvokersmHace un hora

    Lol I only see Latino dominating all round, overated Charlo

  18. Ms. Loving

    Ms. LovingHace un hora

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  19. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel RodriguezHace un hora

    I thought I was watching castaño highlights the way they just kept showing him smacking his opponent

  20. CChannel Mez

    CChannel MezHace un hora

    Wonderful fight!!!!

  21. Gabriel Nogueira Correcher

    Gabriel Nogueira CorrecherHace un hora


  22. Talent Page

    Talent PageHace un hora

    These highlights made a draw for me.

  23. Invisibile

    InvisibileHace un hora

    Same old boxing politics

  24. joevald32

    joevald32Hace un hora

    Canelo would kill Charlo in minutes.

  25. Faiz Faiz

    Faiz FaizHace un hora

    Nice watching boxing like that.....we love castano, he's a warrior.....who's the next

  26. anemone boxing

    anemone boxingHace un hora

    115-111 Castano for me

  27.  Relaxing Meditation VEVO ♪

    Relaxing Meditation VEVO ♪Hace un hora

    Danm 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Angelo D C

    Angelo D CHace un hora

    The judge who score 117 111 for charlo . Watching porn then press tab after the fight

  29. Adam Dominguez

    Adam DominguezHace un hora

    Naw Castano had to knock him out lucky he really wasn't rob

  30. Kyndaa

    KyndaaHace un hora

    Good mexican style throw down

  31. MediTruth

    MediTruthHace un hora

    Boxing is so corrupt. Can't stand the BS corrupt results.

  32. TrippleC

    TrippleCHace un hora


  33. Eli Yah

    Eli YahHace un hora

    Two Israelites fighting

  34. Jffrsn Nyk Post

    Jffrsn Nyk PostHace un hora

    wow, i love castaño's combo..

  35. GODBLISS747

    GODBLISS747Hace un hora

    run it back

  36. Dimon Aussie

    Dimon AussieHace 2 horas

    what a fight. castano definitely won.

  37. adam lees

    adam leesHace 2 horas

    This is the difference between the greats like Hagler and just good fighters like Charlo.Charlo sits on the ropes,takes breaks to conserve his energy and fights in spurts.Hagler was foot to the floor,all over you from the first minute to the last and never EVER let anyone work him over on the ropes.charlo's pace and style would have been swept aside by Marvin in a comfortable and routine fashion. castano did himself proud here and should have got the nod but credit charlo's chin too.

  38. Faris Ranggawardana

    Faris RanggawardanaHace 2 horas

    Castano has been robbed

  39. Anthony AK King

    Anthony AK KingHace 2 horas

    Great fight…definitely a draw! Both fighters should retain their belts and run it back🔥 Good to see Charlo in a real fight… Great job Castano…

  40. iesickboy

    iesickboyHace 2 horas

    HBO handled boxing broadcasts so much better. This was a shit show.

  41. Ali Jawadi

    Ali JawadiHace 2 horas

    ممنون بابت یوتییوب ناب شما

  42. wolvarine x-men

    wolvarine x-menHace 2 horas

    Costano on fire

  43. Leme Tole

    Leme ToleHace 2 horas

    Man..those were some crazy exchanges..

  44. TimeBucks

    TimeBucksHace 2 horas

    Castano fights like a warrior

  45. Jonathan E. Medina

    Jonathan E. MedinaHace 2 horas

    This was a good match rematch needs to be made

  46. Ricky Davis

    Ricky DavisHace 2 horas

    Them Boyz was BANGIN

  47. Love USA

    Love USAHace 2 horas

    A DRAW!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 CASTAÑO CLEARLY WON!!! 🤬🤬🤬 SHAME ON JUDGES!!! 🤬🤬

  48. Regz Zuse

    Regz ZuseHace 2 horas

    The probem with the boxing right here, one judge scored it 117-111 for Charlo, another problem are deluded fans you can see in the comments. Castano won this one, and yes I watched the whole fight not only highlights.

  49. Arindam Thakur

    Arindam ThakurHace 2 horas

    Castano really won Fuck judges

  50. queenje s vlogs

    queenje s vlogsHace 2 horas

    canelo can knock charlos bros

  51. Glizer Garcia

    Glizer GarciaHace 2 horas

    This two can make canelo cry

  52. Aa Ss

    Aa SsHace 2 horas

    The small guy won it

  53. mel124177

    mel124177Hace 2 horas

    Castano should have gotten the nod for effective aggression and landing the more telling blows. But can't complain with a draw, at least the fn judges did not steal it for the homeboy totally and shamelessly. Early FOTY candidate fosho!

  54. T M

    T MHace 2 horas

    I'm not a fan of neither of these dudes but castano land slid this nigga. He got robbed.

  55. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony JacksonHace 2 horas

    In the rematch charlo ko’s him . He just gotta take what castsano give him , the body open all day . It looked like charlo hurt castano a couple times . The body will set up the big shot .

  56. B Morris

    B MorrisHace 2 horas

    Now this is 🥊

  57. Charles Henry

    Charles HenryHace 2 horas

    Everytime castano got clip he ran, literally had to retreat because he was hurt few times, smart move other than trying to stand ground. DRAW run it back and Charlo will be victorious. Great fight, I think charlo underestimated this dude low-key.

  58. zemian Zregor

    zemian ZregorHace 2 horas

    Castaño win

  59. damian cepeda

    damian cepedaHace 2 horas

    La paliza del año!!!! Le robaron el triunfo a castaño, ese muchacho va a ganar cosas grandes aguante Argentina!!!

  60. G1Main

    G1MainHace 2 horas

    Great fight!!!

  61. Jason Poritz

    Jason PoritzHace 2 horas

    Castano showed so much heart and grit in this fight. I believe he was robbed.

  62. Soto Senpai

    Soto SenpaiHace 3 horas

    Fucking banger!

  63. LaRon_TheGoAT

    LaRon_TheGoATHace 3 horas

    What A Warrior, Castano is a beast

  64. Garcia C

    Garcia CHace 3 horas

    Castano was very active but he missed alot of punches in my opinion

  65. Michael Alcaraz

    Michael AlcarazHace 3 horas

    Castano clearly won

  66. Area 51

    Area 51Hace 3 horas

    A no mames de china hasta acá es robo claramente!! 🤡🤮 👊🇲🇽Saludos a la Argentina 🇦🇷🥊

  67. fernando alarma

    fernando alarmaHace 3 horas

    Draw???? Hahaha..obviously, castaño is a winner!

  68. Chheng rathana

    Chheng rathanaHace 3 horas


  69. Shantorey Wilkins

    Shantorey WilkinsHace 3 horas


  70. Luis Aguilar

    Luis AguilarHace 3 horas

    This Charlo want to fight P4P king Canelo will kio ether one of them

  71. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus TerranceHace 3 horas

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  72. A MC

    A MCHace 3 horas


  73. 4ctive Bxng

    4ctive BxngHace 3 horas

    Wow that’s a robbery, castano out boxed and worked him

  74. Richard Horta

    Richard HortaHace 3 horas

    If canelo catches charlo with the hook the way castaño did….Charlie going to sleep 😴

  75. Rodolfo Amestica

    Rodolfo AmesticaHace 3 horas

    One undisputed Champ! Castaño

  76. Thunder puna

    Thunder punaHace 4 horas

    Rummble in the jungle 2 beast going to too toe.Respect..

  77. Steven Rogers

    Steven RogersHace 4 horas

    It was tit-for-tat the whole night a draw

  78. Lance Wright

    Lance WrightHace 4 horas

    I personally would never piss either one these dude's off...

  79. Anthony Macias

    Anthony MaciasHace 4 horas

    Castano whomped jersmell's ass , there's no way jermel can possibly be anywhere near good enough to fight canelo

  80. Johnny B

    Johnny BHace 4 horas

    The next great historic Trilogy, there might even be 4 fights total. The draw was BS, Castaño won convincingly.

  81. Emmanuel Massawe

    Emmanuel MassaweHace 4 horas

    The fight was so fun...jab after jab

  82. Jose RIVERA

    Jose RIVERAHace 4 horas

    Castaño se fajo demasiado contra charlo y le ganó sin dudas eso fue un robo coño!

  83. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezHace 4 horas

    I’m not a fan of either guy but castano won that shit pretty clearly lol, he threw way more punches than charlo and landed a fair amount more as well. Charlo got saved by his name. Whack lol

  84. TINA the Hush Puppy Basset Hound

    TINA the Hush Puppy Basset HoundHace 4 horas

    Smaller guy beats up the big guy

  85. Youngndreckless

    YoungndrecklessHace 4 horas

    I wanna see the twin brothers fight each other lol

  86. Broccoli Funzi

    Broccoli FunziHace 4 horas

    What a fight! It is a DRAW for me. The guy punched the air many times and most of his punches did not land clearly. He won the first few Rounds. The rematch will be so exciting too. Well done both🙌🏾👊🏼

  87. Doc Holiday

    Doc HolidayHace 4 horas

    corrales vs Castillo fight that's what this reminds me of

  88. Guillermo Contreras

    Guillermo ContrerasHace 4 horas

    charlo no esta listo para canelo. ..para pelear con canelo. no puedes pelear para atras.

  89. Braulio Montano

    Braulio MontanoHace 4 horas

    Bad ass fight 💯💯


    BEATRIZ HURTADOHace 4 horas

    charlo no tiene nada para ganar a canelo

  91. Elijah Cozart

    Elijah CozartHace 4 horas

    I ain’t even mad on bro they was throwing them bitches

  92. 90's dre

    90's dreHace 4 horas

    Mexican dude would’ve won if charlo didn’t start whoop his ass back in them last rounds . I say split decision too 🔥 ⛽️

  93. Ejay YT Channel

    Ejay YT ChannelHace 4 horas

    Another robbery in boxing so sad. Castaño win this fight.

  94. Black Rose

    Black RoseHace 4 horas

    Charlo got beat.

  95. Golden King

    Golden KingHace 4 horas

    Boxing is and has been a robbery and Charlo is overrated with his wanna be Mayweather defense! That ain't your thing bruh!

  96. Channing Lowe

    Channing LoweHace 5 horas

    Great fight Jermell showed why he is a champ! Everyone knew Brian isn’t a push over but Canelo would might be too much for JC cause he showed that he has a problem with shorter fighters with power.