Tsushima solo travel vlog | Four days on the Japanese mysterious island

I went on a four-day trip to Tsushima in October. I had always been interested in Tsushima Island, but it was "the Ghost of Tsushima" that really made me decide to visit there. Although I don't usually play games at all, I happened to see a trailer for the game and was really impressed. Actually it's really beautiful there like beyond my imagination and became very happy four days.
(Sorry for the longest video ever...)

The temple I stayed in Tsushima(ENG): seizanji.com/

【Songs in this Video】
1. "A New Day by" Lane King
2. "Soul Changing" by Maya Isac
3. "Afternoon" by Liquify
4. "Soft Nights" by Reuben Fillies
5. "Intimacy" by Ben Winwood
6. "Icicles" by Yehezkel Raz

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  13. Kei Akihiko

    Kei AkihikoHace un día

    i do feel that every time i got out from the island to report in aichiken. i got used to a calm, serene place although i just lived there about 1 year and 6months i fell inlove with the island.

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