1000 ESL/EFL Speaking and Listening Practice - Learn English every day!

Do you want to become able to speak English fluently? If so, try reading aloud along with the video and audio! If you repeatedly practice, the phrases and vocabulary you have remembered will begin coming out of your mouth naturally.

eshaves.info/desk/aIBoqdCVh6Wanac/v-deo.html | English Listening & Speaking Practice
eshaves.info/desk/rYysmqvNdZKmhLM/v-deo.html | English listening skills practice
eshaves.info/desk/oZCldpfIaZLZj54/v-deo.html | 1500 English Conversation Practice
eshaves.info/desk/joeIabnGrZq2g7M/v-deo.html | 1000 English Conversation Practice
eshaves.info/desk/kJd9gZm4lcCWkLM/v-deo.html | 1100 Basic English Phrases for Conversation
eshaves.info/desk/bIGigsKslpOlZqc/v-deo.html | Slow and Easy English Conversation Practice
eshaves.info/desk/bq1voqaci8-ZfMk/v-deo.html | 1000 Practical English Phrases
eshaves.info/desk/qmilpbiUeJaUiKc/v-deo.html | 1000 Useful Expressions in English
eshaves.info/desk/qq9-prjam7XKqac/v-deo.html | Learn English Questions & Answers for Beginners



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