The Ferrari 296 GTB Comes To The Fortnite Island As A New Vehicle

Buckle up and get ready to experience Ferrari's new 296GTB on the Island.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  1. WEEABUG and Thanos Conrad

    WEEABUG and Thanos ConradHace un día

    That Lamborghinis coming in creative mode

  2. izuku midoriya

    izuku midoriyaHace un día

    Can you bring it back in season 8?pls

  3. Aydin Gaming

    Aydin GamingHace 3 días


  4. It's_Sima😶

    It's_Sima😶Hace 5 días

    That's a sad truth

  5. IO guard

    IO guardHace 9 días

    The only bad thing I don't like about it is that there's no colors, it's only red, we have the Lamborghini, we had different colors to it, there should be like a blue, black, green, purple, you know. And a secret Ferrari, we had the rocket league Lamborghini, maybe they should make it a Ferrari this time?

  6. SkyleedMakesStuff

    SkyleedMakesStuffHace 22 días

    Man I really wanna see action fights in the game, but the players always go to the sweaty stuff

  7. Sathvik's World

    Sathvik's WorldHace 22 días

    Hey, Epic games pls keep the rocket league version of Ferrari 296 gtb just like the rocket league version of whiplash pls!!

  8. Andrewc675✔️

    Andrewc675✔️Hace 22 días

    Epic games really is destroying there game that players loved 4 years ago

  9. ЂаррЎ fіѕЂЎ

    ЂаррЎ fіѕЂЎHace 27 días

    I wish the actual game was played like how it is in these trailers it seems fun

  10. Itzowensgamemaniaandexotics

    ItzowensgamemaniaandexoticsHace 28 días

    Can you make it as a toy pls

  11. Bryan’s Gaming Channel 2

    Bryan’s Gaming Channel 2Hace 29 días

    I Want This Car In Creative!


    SOSETHEYHace un mes

    At a gmc truck now

  13. DraconiteDragon

    DraconiteDragonHace un mes

    Is the og came back? Cus if it did then I'm quitting

  14. Wesley C

    Wesley CHace un mes

    Now, will drive that Ferrari, driving in action.

  15. La Ciurma di Babu Frik

    La Ciurma di Babu FrikHace un mes


  16. Sirisha A

    Sirisha AHace un mes

    Hey epic pls keep the chopper back in chapter 2 season 8

  17. Hazy Mind

    Hazy MindHace un mes

    Umm is tht the blaze the cat sol emeralds theme song or am I tripping?🤔

  18. Shaunology Shorts

    Shaunology ShortsHace un mes

    Bring Back Account Merging Fortnite/Epic Games, I’m begging you people have so many things on other accounts and they just wanna have it on their main account, So Please Epic bring it back I probably won’t get recognized by you guys or maybe get judged but it’s worth a try.

  19. QI - ME

    QI - MEHace un mes

    pls do a Cadillac uodate with a Cadillac and a jump in da Cadillac emote i beg

  20. Slumber Shinobi 🌟

    Slumber Shinobi 🌟Hace un mes

    So nobody notices that a guy in a car drives threw a huge battle



    Hi Fortnite, I am a fan of music and I love playing fortnite I would love if there were places dedicated to singers and other artists, for example (wild west: Lil Nas x / Billy Ray Cyrus, hell: Lil Nas x, prison : Lil Nas x / Jack Harlow, Candy city: Marshmello, city in the clouds: Ariana Grande, Astroworld Thema Park: Travis Scott, Laboratory 34 + 35: Ariana Grande, Pop city: The Weeknd) and themed weapons with chests, Powers and civilian NPCs in themed clothing. 🎵

  22. ϟ ᎵᏓᏬᎶᎶ ϟ

    ϟ ᎵᏓᏬᎶᎶ ϟHace un mes

    Is it me or does the theme in the background kind of sound like among us trap remix?

  23. 손나

    손나Hace un mes

  24. Brady

    BradyHace un mes

    I used to like this car

  25. Empires & Allies Gaming

    Empires & Allies GamingHace un mes

    Who wants to add ferrari into fortnite creative?

  26. Toby's Cars

    Toby's CarsHace un mes

    */Fortnite x Ferrari\*

  27. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyHace un mes

    2030: everyone has their own skin

  28. Jeovani Lael Robinson

    Jeovani Lael RobinsonHace un mes

    Ferrari time! The best time ever!

  29. Stanley Animations ツ

    Stanley Animations ツHace un mes

    Now we just need a lamborghini and a bugatti

  30. Sabiha Khandia

    Sabiha KhandiaHace un mes

    Who else already drove the car?

  31. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyHace un mes


  32. NoT_XxjuliusxX

    NoT_XxjuliusxXHace un mes

    Need for Speed Battle Royale? XD.

  33. Kevin Caloum

    Kevin CaloumHace un mes

    This is how collabs should be done. In game items and POIs, not just skins. Like during the Tron collab, what if they added light cycles?

  34. Toastyeeter

    ToastyeeterHace un mes

    What’s the song name

  35. Iqbal Hassan

    Iqbal HassanHace un mes

    fortnits is deeaddddddddddddddddd why did youadd this stupid car fornite sucks

  36. England

    EnglandHace un mes

    @R ikr

  37. R

    RHace un mes

    Imagine not knowing how to spell

  38. Kitty king fr

    Kitty king frHace un mes


  39. Linet W

    Linet WHace un mes

    Transformers collab would be...

  40. R

    RHace un mes

    @Dane Benedict Dionisio games

  41. Dane Benedict Dionisio

    Dane Benedict DionisioHace un mes


  42. MintW7 ✔

    MintW7 ✔Hace un mes

    Next Season Theme: The Forza Update

  43. Nathan Naquin

    Nathan NaquinHace un mes

    You should annoy icon skin mrbeast to fortnite

  44. Utsumi Hanago

    Utsumi HanagoHace un mes

    I can't buy Ferrari or drive it but now I can even explode it

  45. Rakoon

    RakoonHace un mes

    شاهد اطفال فورت يمتلكون آخر اصدار من فيراري

  46. ruv

    ruvHace un mes

    Next :lamborghini or bugatti

  47. Kitty king fr

    Kitty king frHace un mes

    Or tesla

  48. Andrea Roltgen

    Andrea RoltgenHace un mes

    to bad its so slow

  49. Fornitehraje

    FornitehrajeHace un mes

    You put a BMW in the fortnite pls?

  50. No name

    No nameHace un mes

    Old map please

  51. xXhunterXx

    xXhunterXxHace un mes


  52. JMO Kangaroo

    JMO KangarooHace un mes

    Speed Racer

  53. poopyhead :D

    poopyhead :DHace un mes

    Forza: *am I a joke to you?*

  54. Omar Fat

    Omar FatHace un mes


  55. Bobcat

    BobcatHace un mes

    I need a buggati, a porsche, and a rolls-royce to be added

  56. Lennii

    LenniiHace un mes


  57. Macmann

    MacmannHace un mes

    Ferrari skins suck but the skin in this one was way better

  58. Fortnite Shorts

    Fortnite ShortsHace un mes


  59. Fortnite Shorts

    Fortnite ShortsHace un mes


  60. Fortnite Shorts

    Fortnite ShortsHace un mes


  61. Scuv

    ScuvHace un mes

    Is this going to be in fortnite forever or is it just this season or what

  62. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueHace un mes

    The only time I'll even get close enough to take a look at One.

  63. Yolanda Cruz Morales

    Yolanda Cruz MoralesHace un mes

    They rruined ferrary

  64. Рыба ситроен

    Рыба ситроенHace un mes

    Nice i was flying for 2 km)

  65. R O M E N

    R O M E NHace un mes

    Ferrie 260

  66. Fortnite non stop pro

    Fortnite non stop proHace un mes

    And can you guys add bac beach Midas and beach Brutus and Midas golden wrap

  67. Fortnite non stop pro

    Fortnite non stop proHace un mes

    @soiung toiue oh lol

  68. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueHace un mes

    my goal is that I wish someone would listen to me


    MUHAMMED SHANHace un mes

    Lmao am I the only person that didn’t even drive a Ferrari in a game

  70. MintW7 ✔

    MintW7 ✔Hace un mes

    Realistic cars in this?


    NYGHT SNAKEHace un mes

    Make Ronaldo a skin

  72. B3njam1n

    B3njam1nHace un mes


  73. B3njam1n

    B3njam1nHace un mes

    @wild29mpp ?

  74. wild29mpp

    wild29mppHace un mes

    Then why i you watching cl0₩n

  75. B3njam1n

    B3njam1nHace un mes


  76. steamsim

    steamsimHace un mes

    me just waiting to add it to creative

  77. StickManToons Animations

    StickManToons AnimationsHace un mes

    Where can you find it

  78. Rob Card

    Rob CardHace un mes


  79. Franklin Nueva

    Franklin NuevaHace un mes

    im sure all the comments section are kids what a "CRINGE"

  80. Snazzy blue

    Snazzy blueHace un mes

    Is the mothership circling the whole entire map to remove it and make it into a alien planet and then Doctor Slone and Rick and Jules come and make a time machine and goes back in time to a old map but with some different changes to it

  81. Gummy5time

    Gummy5timeHace un mes

    In the middle of a imvasion Epic games:You know what makes a invasion better FERRARI

  82. BluJay6430

    BluJay6430Hace un mes

    can't wait till cringy kids say oMg ItS tHe CaR fRoM fOrTnItE!!!1!

  83. A random Fortnite truck

    A random Fortnite truckHace un mes


  84. The Golden Gamer

    The Golden GamerHace un mes

    Love the new car

  85. Javier Junior Barber Guillamón

    Javier Junior Barber GuillamónHace un mes

    please re-insert all the content of the season 5 chapter 1, map, weapons, numbers, graphics, they will thank you and you will realize that the game is not going to die if you do, my goal is that I wish someone would listen to me

  86. Mason 4Life

    Mason 4LifeHace un mes

    No the game will be boring af with stuff we’ve already seen

  87. NightHawk771

    NightHawk771Hace un mes

    U need to add a Godzilla skin also the great famous sponge bob and woody wood pecker

  88. xorp fortnusツ

    xorp fortnusツHace un mes

    Next: fortnite X nfs

  89. New Train For MTR

    New Train For MTRHace un mes

    i love how the other cars get brutally destroyed

  90. Shafayet Rabbani Ratul

    Shafayet Rabbani RatulHace un mes

    Ferrari on Fortnite this is the best thing happened on this planet

  91. Always Friends

    Always FriendsHace un mes


  92. Alvian Gilang Sagita

    Alvian Gilang SagitaHace un mes

    McLaren = PUBG Mobile Ferrari = Fortnite

  93. Thinklikeachip

    ThinklikeachipHace un mes

    10/10. I mean, its a Ferrari. What do you expect. This bad boy is very fast and has a boost like the Lamborghini.

  94. Sommer Plays

    Sommer PlaysHace un mes

    Yeah lets go, Ferrari on Fortnite Game :D

  95. Arjen Larance

    Arjen LaranceHace un mes

    that is so sick i love ferraris and fortnite

  96. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuHace un mes

    Travis escot

  97. Three FNBR

    Three FNBRHace un mes

    🏎 this is dope!

  98. Break Ice

    Break IceHace un mes

    It's just the whiplash you can see that by going to rocket's vs cars and going full speed it's pathetic

  99. VasoPosting con sueño de ser comentarista

    VasoPosting con sueño de ser comentaristaHace un mes


  100. sami Khashan

    sami KhashanHace un mes

    Epic ad the glide guy bundle back and add me in in fortnite as a friend I what to talk

  101. MILES

    MILESHace un mes



    MIGUELZÃO O BRABOHace un mes

    kidddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fortnaitee lixo..

  103. Jovanny’s World

    Jovanny’s WorldHace un mes

    I need your help for my settings put don’t know how to show you what problem I have

  104. Jovanny’s World

    Jovanny’s WorldHace un mes

    Oh never mind I got it

  105. Toqeer Hussain

    Toqeer HussainHace un mes

    Bugatti x fortnite make it happen

  106. Jacob King

    Jacob KingHace un mes

    Whoever is watching this video Go to Comet and say you like Ferraris

  107. Iperfox gaming

    Iperfox gamingHace un mes

    A reason why i should play fortnite

  108. JP Gamer

    JP GamerHace un mes

    Travis escot en la tienda porfa

  109. rodney naranjo

    rodney naranjoHace un mes

    Epic games please if you're reading this comments please add the charge shotguns back into the game

  110. ₳ᗷ乙 ᗩЛƖᗰᘔ ツ

    ₳ᗷ乙 ᗩЛƖᗰᘔ ツHace un mes


  111. JP Gamer

    JP GamerHace un mes

    Travis escot

  112. JP Gamer

    JP GamerHace un mes

    Travis escot

  113. Tyler Gamer Phung

    Tyler Gamer PhungHace un mes

    Is the Ferrari limited time?

  114. DrBlueAL

    DrBlueALHace un mes

    when are we getting a nerf for this?

  115. Pandabilly

    PandabillyHace un mes

    Forza Horizon is still better

  116. JhonDiick 420

    JhonDiick 420Hace un mes

    is this game still on .. lmfao