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Honest Trailers | Luca
  1. Pcssfc

    PcssfcHace 21 un hora

    So we can all agree that the black widows where behind the JFK assassination and Lincoln’s death?

  2. Jessica Lukram

    Jessica LukramHace 21 un hora

    Loki next

  3. dkSilo

    dkSiloHace 21 un hora

    I so had to laugh when you said: Wheeeeee. I mean, say: Wheeeeeeee!

  4. Jim Caraker

    Jim CarakerHace 21 un hora

    Sooo...Taskmaster is a store brand Shredder? Wtf...

  5. Hitsuga Tatsuro

    Hitsuga TatsuroHace 21 un hora

    Watching this in 2021 to share a thought with yall: Don't the lyrics of the ballroom song sound... more than a lil suggestive? "Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly..~" Sounds like a description for a Tinder date if you ask me.

  6. Anon_Manatee

    Anon_ManateeHace 21 un hora

    I want more of the red guardian :(

  7. Gus David

    Gus DavidHace 21 un hora

    Toretto would be proud by how many times they say family in this movie.

  8. Jose Enrique Agutaya

    Jose Enrique AgutayaHace 21 un hora

    You should chasnge the name of your channel to bashing trailers not honest trailer coz ALL i hear are bashing,bashings,bashing and more bashing of Ben Affleck and his version of Daredevil.

  9. Graffiti inc

    Graffiti incHace 21 un hora

    Tony said it best - “He's from space. He came here to steal a necklace from a wizard.”

  10. Pedro Bravo

    Pedro BravoHace 21 un hora

    The movie was great

  11. RD19902010

    RD19902010Hace 21 un hora

    Back when movies were fun

  12. Agga Kyaw

    Agga KyawHace 21 un hora

    Smaller fry

  13. huck smash

    huck smashHace 21 un hora


  14. Brij bhushan maurya

    Brij bhushan mauryaHace 22 horas

    Her own replacement 😂😂

  15. Bi-Ni Tah

    Bi-Ni TahHace 22 horas

    Acting like himself until someone says cut😂 RDJ❤️

  16. Warren Blyth

    Warren BlythHace 22 horas

    Being hot is not a super power sweet heart, darling. Now come sit on my lap.

  17. I_am_ENSanity

    I_am_ENSanityHace 22 horas

    She'd have survived Endgame if she had remembered those fall skills.

  18. shaoronmd

    shaoronmdHace 22 horas

    "and the most brutal murder in black widow history" so is she gonna slice his head off, cut his heart out... "you've always been a good friend to me" F dude... F

  19. Atom smasher

    Atom smasherHace 22 horas

    Do space jam 2 or I'll watch the movie again!

  20. Atom smasher

    Atom smasherHace 22 horas

    Space jam 2 !!!

  21. Shyam D

    Shyam DHace 22 horas

    its like Marvel thought like, "well she's already dead in future innit? So we can throw whatever we want at her and call it "action"."

  22. Larry Richards

    Larry RichardsHace 22 horas

    "Suckovian accent" - *DEAD*

  23. Rube Pena

    Rube PenaHace 22 horas

    There gonna show her going to vormier just to get her best back you know since it's so important bit got an origin story lmao

  24. Russell Giffin

    Russell GiffinHace 22 horas

    If you watch Loki, you will find out who entered the cheat code for everyone to survive all those times they should have died.

  25. Blogger Blogg

    Blogger BloggHace 22 horas

    2:13 at least we know where Disney steal the idea of the Cruel from the new Disney villain back story, hatred on dalmatian and the motivation for revenge to kill them all and make a coat out of them. Screen Junkies you are the best, but please don't give Disney ideas, they use for no good.

  26. Dohle Carnett

    Dohle CarnettHace 22 horas

    What I actually found fascinating about the 2nd one is that this Elvis scene was really the best of the film. And I don't mean that in a funny way. TC2 was alright but this guitar playing scene showed how important it is in horror to write characters you care about.

  27. Best MMORPG 2017

    Best MMORPG 2017Hace 22 horas

    Turtle soup for the soul? Made me laugh!

  28. Aftermath

    AftermathHace 22 horas

    5:12 boba fett?

  29. Ewan Flean

    Ewan FleanHace 22 horas

    "Hawkeye. Definitely Hawkeye." I actually laughed at that, thumbs up.

  30. Николай Растаргуев

    Николай РастаргуевHace 22 horas

    Do Loki

  31. Lloyd Anderson

    Lloyd AndersonHace 22 horas

    do naruto please!

  32. Tammy Forbes

    Tammy ForbesHace 23 horas

    Did you miss the fact they had the super soldier shot and are tougher then usual humans! Look at cap he should have been dead a 100 times over but he’s tougher then usual because of the shot and training!

  33. sadss. XX

    sadss. XXHace 23 horas

    Not to be that person. But isn't the whole idea of black widow being dead after jumping down the hill isn't really about not surviving the fall but soul for soul agenda?

  34. luzpaper rickloki

    luzpaper ricklokiHace 23 horas

    Please do loki

  35. imjustJoKeen

    imjustJoKeenHace 23 horas

    do loki next plss

  36. joperhop

    joperhopHace 23 horas

    Black widow, a fan fav who was treated like crap and only given a solo film after she died... and its not even for her but her replacement. Damn, MCU really did just end after Endgame.

  37. Lord thoth

    Lord thothHace 23 horas

    I haven't seen it and watching this don't think I will

  38. McNaire

    McNaireHace 23 horas

    Oh my goodness, the comparison of the marvel formula, and we still watch it, Cinema sins probably hates you folks now

  39. Joanna Stasiołek

    Joanna StasiołekHace 23 horas


  40. Floerchen83 the Original

    Floerchen83 the OriginalHace 23 horas

    I stopped the mobile after 20 min. Annoyed.

  41. Mark Reyes

    Mark ReyesHace 23 horas

    A vest with so many pockets? Is that a Rob Leifeld homage?

  42. Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz ReahHace 23 horas

    "about how she helped her own replacement get into the mcu" Plsssss 😭😭😭😭 they did the same to loki

  43. Akshay Ramesh

    Akshay RameshHace 23 horas

    Is nobody gonna talk about pitch meeting and and this guy having the same joke about the deadpool joke

  44. Mariah Thomas

    Mariah ThomasHace 23 horas

    I love Friends, but you guys should watch Living Single and do a trailer on it. It is so funny and it was the blueprint for Friends. I think you all would really like it.

  45. MackTox

    MackToxHace un día


  46. Top Necropoliz

    Top NecropolizHace un día


  47. shadowmoon

    shadowmoonHace un día

    And of course they had to gender swap a character

  48. Clowntrooper

    ClowntrooperHace un día

    I dont get how she survived that fall or that car crash like she walked it off

  49. Moises

    MoisesHace un día

    do tomorrow war


    RORSCHACHHace un día

    say 'hasta la vista, baby'

  51. Justmiracle

    JustmiracleHace un día

    please do Black Widow! I want to be in the Intro!!!

  52. doubleP

    doublePHace un día

    You didn't mentioned the fact, that they used a *MALE* stuntdouble for the female Taskmaster and who basically did 90% of her scenes in the movie.

  53. bssni touir

    bssni touirHace un día

    "Harvey Weinste..." I'm dead lmao🤣

  54. Sad Dumb Girl

    Sad Dumb GirlHace un día

    This movie’s action was poorly written. And there wasn’t enough action

  55. Rambles The rambler

    Rambles The ramblerHace un día

    Please do the phantom 1996

  56. SimplyDaveMN

    SimplyDaveMNHace un día

    Please say "No Mommy, I love boobie!"

  57. de hash

    de hashHace un día

    0:35 just STOP this already! Stop using this fkn landing. I feel like there is a list of cliches you have to use in every movie in order to get funds.

  58. Kennedy Mcdon

    Kennedy McdonHace un día

    Winter sold her😭😭

  59. Weteperepe

    WeteperepeHace un día

    Do pheromones actually work like that? You can't hurt someone whose stench you're attracted to?

  60. LockPickinPaws

    LockPickinPawsHace un día

    I never understood how they got food (the ticks) for Rickman's character from his home region since it's made up.

  61. therealDale

    therealDaleHace un día

    Honest Trailer: Loki

  62. Bharat Joshi

    Bharat JoshiHace un día

    That's...the next director's problem. (Sad DC fanboy noises)

  63. Weteperepe

    WeteperepeHace un día

    Now do Loki pleaaaaase

  64. Younous

    YounousHace un día

    Didn't like this Taskmaster version. I hope we get a Taskmaster variant.

  65. Cedric Kato

    Cedric KatoHace un día

    Most brutal murder 😂

  66. siiicar

    siiicarHace un día

    Did he say "Whack Widow"???

  67. Informing Anim

    Informing AnimHace un día

    Who's gonna do Loki? Your mama?

  68. Notorious MiGZ

    Notorious MiGZHace un día

    3:00 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Foxx.On.Saturn

    Foxx.On.SaturnHace un día

    1:57 bro the entire time i was like the timing and the world and the emotional impact wouldve worked so much better if it was a series omg. They shoved in so much and never digged into any of the content they set up ugh why it made me so mad

  70. William Riker

    William RikerHace un día

    Do some of the star trek movies! 🤞

  71. lone wonderer

    lone wondererHace un día

    Lmao i said the same thing about harvey Weinstein resemblance

  72. Naitik Gupta

    Naitik GuptaHace un día

    Do Loki Trailer

  73. devansh Bhardwaj

    devansh BhardwajHace un día

    Do blacklist and say "Im marry poppins yall"

  74. amazon prime

    amazon primeHace un día

    Say. " If you are BAD THEN I AM YOUR DAD".

  75. Anikethana C H

    Anikethana C HHace un día

    Say: "We get all our quirky comments from letterboxd"

  76. Andrei Nicolae

    Andrei NicolaeHace un día

    I guess the "female Captain Marvel" was younger with 5 years in real life and probably that is why B. Larson was the FIRST mcu female superhero . Cause talent AND age counts ladies ! :)

  77. Anonymously MJ

    Anonymously MJHace un día

    Am I the only person who actually enjoyed the movie?

  78. Aakash Pednekar

    Aakash PednekarHace un día

    Please do for Loki also.